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Lingua Mongolia offers professional translation services for the following languages: Cyrillic Mongolian, Traditional Mongolian (PRC), Classical Mongolian, English, Chinese and Welsh at very competitive rates.

Whereas other companies offering Mongolian translation pass on your requests to third-party freelance translators, whose quality and professionalism cannot be guaranteed, all our translation requests are handled in-house by our team. Furthermore, as an educational centre, we also enjoy close links with many of the leading scholars in both Mongolia and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China.

If you would like a quote for a translation, please contact us on the following e-mail address: info@linguamongolia.co.uk

Tattoo, Name and Logo Design

Lingua Mongolia also offers design services for tattoos, names and logos. Our designs are all rendered as PDF files and all feature fully scalable fonts and vector graphics.

In the case of tattoo designs, we also offer optional instructions to the tattooist on how to correctly reproduce the translations in the original script. We can also arrange personal names into seal-style folded script, as seen below on the left.

Here are some examples of our design work.

The three outer spirals of the design on the left feature a quote from the fourteenth century 'Twelve Deeds of the Buddha' - it reads, 'The Ocean of Existence is impermanent, like an autumnal cloud and life is like the lightning that flashes in the sky; it passes as fast as water flowing downstream.' The inner spiral is a radial representation of the names of the twelve animals of the Zodiac.

The design on the right is a stand-alone version of the Zodiac motif from the first design.

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