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Verb Modifiers

-balja- -čaγa-/-čege- -čigina-/-čigine- -čila-/-čile- -d- -da/-de- -γa-/-ge- -γalja- -γda-/-gde- -γul-/-gül- -ji- -jira-/-jire- -kira-/-kire- -l- -la-/-le- -lča-/-lče- -ldu-/-ldü- -lγa-/-lge- -lja-/-lje- -na-/-ne- -ra/-re- -rqa-/-rke- -ši- -šiya-/-šiye- -ta-/-te- -tu-/-tü-

Verb Modifers

Mongolian has a number of modifiers which can be added to verbs, nouns and adjectives in order to create new verbs. Below you will find a list of the verbal modifiers used in Mongolian, examples of their usage and examples of how the modifiers are written in the Uighur-Mongolian script. The grey lines above and below the modifiers are the ligatures to which the preceding and following letters are to be joined. In cases where there are two separate modifiers because of vowel harmony, the back vowel modifier has been listed first. All these modifiers are jouined to the stem of the noun, adjective or verb which they are to modify; the stem of the verb is whatever is left after the removal of the nomen futuri verb ending in -qu/-kü. Nouns bearing a final 'n' will lose this before the addition of the modifier.